December Combat Patrol Tournament

December Combat Patrol Tournament

A couple of weeks ago we held our 2nd Combat Patrol Tournament, and with their popularity this is definitely looking to become a regular fixture of our event calendar!

12 eager generals ranging in experience (and age!) descended on the store for 3 rounds of battle... and the Iron Knights landed on top again; still undefeated! (This may be entirely because it wasn't until after the tournament that some specific Deep Strike rules were pointed out to me... and because of an arbitrarily-picked tiebreaker of VP differential. I'm claiming ignorance and the win either way! HAHA!)

Thanks again to Jono and Mike for terrain and battlemats; on that note we are investigating a wholesale arrangement with some international battlemat manufacturers, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the new year!

Photos courtesy of myself and Gwen, comments are all from my deranged mind and generally based on absolutely nothing at all.

R1 Ad Mech vs Iron Knights. Strong defensive position for the Ad Mech.

Captain Octavious continues his trend of deep-striking into enemy territory, failing his charge roll and being promptly wiped by whatever guns are brought to bear.

Seeing their valiant leader blown to pieces The Terminators advance on the Cataphrons, and promptly carve straight through the heart of Luca's forces ending in this pincer attack.



"This should work."

 "I have regrets"


Who would win? 4 go-fast bikey bois, or several handfuls of metallic bugs?


"For the greater good!"

"They have wolves?"


Bjorn the Glam Stands Alone.

"Does Bjorn need any help?"


"I'm going to pretend you didn't say that."



A towering Doomstalker stands above the battlefield. Ready to make pew pew laser sounds at anyone who pops out of cover.


"What tactical doctrine did you call this again Captain?"

"Anti-waaaagh. Stand as far away from them as (super-)humanly possible."


Thanks again for all the support this year, and we'll see you in 2024!

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Ryan Ledgerwood

This is amazing, great pictures even greater captions. Thanks to Iron Knight Games for being awesome, love every moment I spend there and with the great team of Paul and Gwen as well as all the awesome hobbiest, collectors, table top adventures and many more great people who are known to frequent Iron Knight

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