Combat Patrol Challenge - Feb/Mar

Combat Patrol Challenge - Feb/Mar

As I previously stated, several of us are participating in a challenge that boils down to prep and paint a Combat Patrol in a month. Rather than many blog posts to keep you up to date with the progress, I'm just going to update this one repeatedly!

The sound of regimented boots marching in unison. A proud flag waving above the heads of the soldiers. These are the men and women of the Astra Militarum.


Day 0

We have committed to the Army choice. Humans with flashlights and a couple of very large guns. And one stompy robot boi!

Combat Patrol Box

Day 3

Barking orders, clear directions, "SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE!"

Our Command Squad (and 2 lone soldiers) have been assembled!

Command Squad

Day 4

"Atten-shyun! Present: arms! At, ease."

Our first squad is fully assembled! And with the power of the Militarum's Stratagems, they will die and come back more often than a Necron with a battery pack!

Squad 1: complete!

Day 5

Waving the standard proudly above the heads of their fellow soldiers, Cadia stands strong.

5 to go! Then we get the big guns and Sentinel. 

Guardsman atop the Underhive

Day 6

The rhythmic thump of field guns, and earthshaking stomp of an Armored Sentinel signals the arrival of our heavy support. The Astra Militarum have arrived!

Astra Militarum Combat Patrol: Assembled!


Day 11

Laid out, sprayed up, zenithal in Chaos Black and either Wraithbone or Leadbelcher. Progress was stymied on Day 10 due to weather preventing any use of spray paints, so I snapped up the opportunity to do this today, even if it was a little windy.

Chaos Black AppliedZenithal spray

Closeup of the Leadbelcher Zenithal


Day 18

We've broken out the paints! A quick experiment to see if I like the colour scheme. Briar Queen Chill, Basilicanum Grey, Bugman's Glow, Lead Belcher, Fyreslayer Flesh for the browns and a little bit of Fleshtearers Red, finished up with copious amounts of Nuln Oil.


I do like it, so... here goes 4 more of the guard!


Day 19

Here's the rest of their squad, I'm pretty happy with the pace of batch painting these guys. 

Day 21

SQUAD(s) UP! This is the bulk of the Patrol, we've only got the Command Squad (1 session? I hope...) the artillery (1 more?) and the Sentinel (hopefully not too hard) to go! Plus basing, of course. 


Day 24

A start to the Command Squad - got a little busy, so not much progress. 

Day 25

Here we go!

Bit of an experiment with the flag... 

And I'm very happy with how it worked out:

Command Squad: reporting for duty! 

Day 26

Almost there! 

Day 27

The might of the Astra Militarum has been assembled! 

This was a great challenge and I absolutely loved painting something completely different. Now I get to bring them to the table tomorrow! 

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