Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

Hari tau hou! What a year 2023 was for us. We've loved seeing so many faces through the doors, expanding our range of games, and further cementing ourselves as the best hobby games store in North Canterbury!

This is a big update, so I'm going to give you a high level overview of what you can find in the rest of it:


Magic: the Gathering
Flesh and Blood
One Piece
Warhammer 40'000
Dungeons & Dragons

Learn to Play Series

Store Hours

Table Hire/Game Library

Preorders/Upcoming Lines

Website/Buylist Updates/Instagram

Shipping Changes

Like I said, lots of changes/updates so lets get stuck right in!



MtG Logo

With the upcoming shift to Play Boosters with Murders at Karlov Manor, Friday Night Draft is moving to a $30 entry; we'll see how attendance goes for that, and make a call as to what happens. We've had repeated interest in Standard Events too, so we've got a lot of them coming up now! Every Saturday from Mid-Feb through to the end of March sees a Standard event happening, with all sorts of cool promos and store credit/packs up for grabs!

Ravnica Remastered Launch Party - Sat 13th Jan - 1:00pm - $60

Murders at Karlov Manor Pre-release - 2nd-3rd March 

Friday Night Sealed - Fri 2nd - 6:00pm - $65

Saturday Solo Sealed - Sat 3rd - 11:00am - $65 

Two-headed Giant Sealed - Sat 3rd - 6:00pm - $60ea

Lunar New Year Standard Showdown - Sat 17th Feb - Sat 30th Mar - Midday - $10

Murders at Karlov Manor Store Championships - Sat 9th Mar - Midday - $20

Friday Night Draft - every Friday - 6:00pm - $25/$30 from MKM release


FAB Logo

The Calling: Queenstown is rapidly approaching, have you got your tickets? Outside of the three headline events there will be a full weekend of side events, alongside a cosplay competition, vendors, artists and an events centre full of keen FaB players!

Due to overwhelming demand we've upped our regular games to be twice a week - Blitz on Wednesdays, and Classic Constructed Armories on Saturday. We've also got Heavy Hitters Pre-release coming up, and will continue to do a monthly draft (likely final week of the month, prior to CC) along with any other On-Demands that people would like!

Calling: Queenstown - 19th-21st Feb

Weekly Blitz - Every Wednesday - 7:00pm - $10

Weekly Classic Constructed Armory - Every Saturday - 5:00pm - $10

HVY Prerelease - Sun 28th Jan - Midday - $55

Road to Nationals - Sun 10th Mar - 11:00am - $65


One Piece

Based on the hit Anime/Manga of nearly 20 years, the One Piece TCG is the hottest new game in town. We've got some avid Captains who are keen to test their decks - we're running regular weekly events and we're trying our first Sealed Event next month!

OP-05 Unofficial Sealed - Sat 10th Feb - 1:00pm - $60

Weekly Constructed - Every Thursday - 7:00pm - $10


40k logo

With an excellent turnout for our last two events, we are continuing to run Monthly 3-Round Combat Patrol tournaments. Ticket sales close a week prior to the event, so make sure you don't miss out! We will be building towards a larger 1000 point Incursion Tournament later in the year!

Monthly Combat Patrol - Sun 14th Jan - 11:30am - $10


D&D Logo

One of our regular players (Robert) has been running highly successful weekly in-store D&D sessions for quite a while now. We're not quite ready to be doing our own, but the goal is that come February we will have the bandwidth to be running some official Iron Knight Gaming Intro to D&D Sessions!

If you're interested and want to be first on the list, please fill out the google form below.

D&D Sign Up for New Adventurers!


Learn to Play Series

Learn to Play Series - MtG

We know exactly how hard it can be to get the kids out of the house and engaged in things after Christmas and before school starts up again. So for the first two weeks of 2024 we are running a series of Learn to Play sessions for our most popular TCGs.

Tickets are required, and spaces are limited! Feel free to fire us any questions, either via PM or comment

Store Hours

We're bringing so much additional play to the store that our original hours aren't quite accurate any more! Generally speaking we are open late(ish) Weds-Sat, and we'll likely be opening up Monday afternoon/evening and maybe even Tuesday as well. Sundays are going to remain "event" days - no regular openings, but if we've got something special happening, then the retail side of things is open. For all of you out-of-towners, this should also reduce shipping times as we increase the frequency of our courier pick-ups.


Also, because of the Calling: Queenstown - we're shutting down for a week.


Gwen will hopefully be in on the Wednesday, but that will just be for online orders/deliveries; expect delays on shipping.


Table Booking/Library Access

Table Hire/Game Library

Adding to this; with so many more in-store events happening, table space is at a premium. As always, if there's space available, they're there to be used - but if you want to be given priority, and access to the Store's Armies, Terrain, Books or Games Library, you'll have to make a booking.

$5 per person, for a 2hr period


Preorders/Upcoming New Lines

OP-05 has been selling absolute gangbusters and for an item like this, Kill Team: Salvation or the Veloci-ramptor Magic: the Gathering Commander Deck we often aren't able to get a restock (or its impractical to do so). During the preorder window (until our orders are locked in with the Distributor) we don't cap our orders. If you want to get a Case of One Piece, or guarantee the new hottest item from GW or WotC, make sure you get your preorders in! Feel free to reach out to us if we don't have them up for an item yet, and if you are buying enough, we might even be able to cut you a bit of a sharper deal!

If you've been with us on the journey since we opened you'll have noticed that we continuously add to our selection of items, games and accessories. The next big release we have coming out is due in March - it's a new TCG backed by an incredibly popular IP... I give you:

 Star Wars Unlimited

Preorders for this should hopefully go live after we get back from the Calling.


Website/Buylist Updates/Instagram

Since the store opened three and a half years ago, the website has gone through a couple of different upgrades, we've gained a Discord and now we have an Instagram too!

All going to plan we're going to be overhauling the website, the buylist and the Event Calendar in the near future, so if you see things shifting around, that's why!


Shipping Changes

Aramex served us reasonably well while we were operating out of a home office, and then predominantly shipping TCG Singles. As we've expanded our lines though we've needed a more versatile system, so if you've ordered recently you should have seen that we're now shipping via PostHaste. We'll also be upgrading our shipping integration with the website soon, so keep an eye out for things looking a bit different when you go to check out!

The upshot for all of you, is that we can now ship basically everything in our store! If there's no shipping option just reach out to us via the Contact Us form, and we'll see what we can do.

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