What a busy week of play!

What a busy week of play!

Friday 17th November saw some player-organised Warhammer 40'000 games for many people to get their head around the rules, prior to our first 2-round Combat Patrol(ish) tournament the following week. Following that up with a Lost Caverns of Ixalan draft for Friday Night Magic and our regular crew for Commander, a Blitz Flesh and Blood Armory on Saturday the 18th (along with some casual boardgaming), another player-instigated FAB Blitz event on Wednesday (practice for the upcoming Skirmish!) alongside a  player-run intro to D&D, then a D&D Session on Thursday, FNM and Commander again, 10 players on Saturday for our 40k event, an Uprising Draft for the Armory, 14 players at the Skirmish on Sunday... that's a lot of happy gamers coming through the store!

We don't plan on relenting at all - the goal is to start hosting more regular events on the days we're open, and if things demand it, we may even look at opening on some extra days too (kind of like we do for Special Sunday events).

Christmas is coming up, and if you want any special orders to fulfil before the holiday, you'll need to get in quick. I'll still be able to restock some items, but based on last year everywhere along the supply chain is going to start to get squeezed. Keep an eye out and I might even have some recommendations for board games, or pop in and grab one of the Games Workshop gift guides if that's more your speed (you can just casually leave it on the table for your loved ones to find!)

This Friday sees the start of the "Summer of Magic" an initiative put on by Wizards of the Coast that will see Magic-themed sunglasses, magnets and even beach towels up for grabs! Our first event is a Chaos Sealed that is almost sold out already! We'll be following it up with our first Standard event on Saturday the 2nd of December with LCI Store Champs, and then the following week has the ANZ Super Series Qualifier - Lost Caverns of Ixalan Sealed Deck.

We've now been open for over a year and it has been so fulfilling to get to share the love of the hobby with so many of you. Last little bit in this post, some photos and commentary from the weekend's 40k:


The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm...

Space Wolves vs Ad Mech

Who has the bigger, stompier robot - Ad Mech or Space Wolves?

The Ad Mech forces must be heretics! Facing down two separate chapters of Astartes in a single day.

"You are out-numbered!"

I present to you a story in three images involving a Ghostkeel and the Protectors of the Golden Throne:

Part the first


Part the second


Part the third


Da Waaagh! Lines up to krump some golden gitz!

Da Waaagh! lines up

Krumpin' time!

Krumpin' time!


The lone Iron Knights Captain, buoyed by his previous fight against a full squad of Space Wolves Intercessors, makes a classic tactical blunder against the T'au... deep-striking and then failing his charge roll. (Even with the re-roll!)

A space marine captain faces down pathfinders

(Yes, he was immediately wiped from the board).

Remnants of a batlle

His battle brothers returned the favour, leaving only a single stealth-suit standing by the final turn.

5 Scarab Occult Terminators claiming an objective, and wondering where all the enemies have gone?

The T'au square off against an implacable foe; the Necrons.


Not bad!

What do you mean I'm using this blog for bragging?


A great thankyou to everyone who has come out to the store over the past year, played a game or had a chat!

40k Players
Photo credit to me (PJ), Jono Burch (most of them) and Gwenllian Jones

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