FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions - if you don't find your answer here, your best bet is to message us on Discord or via the Contact Us page.

Why can't I select a shipping option?

A lot of our items (boardgames, wargames etc) are intended to support the local North Canterbury area, and can often be difficult to ship. If you're only seeing "In-Store Pick-up" and desperately want an item, reach out to us and we'll see  if we can arrange something.

Can I show up in-store and look through your Singles?

No! With over thirty five thousand Magic: the Gathering Singles in stock, its not practical for us to have them customer-facing. You can find everything we have on the webstore. In fact, the MtG Database is too powerful for our POS software, so if you would like to purchase them please place an order through the webstore.

It's been 3 days, why hasn't my order shipped or I received an update?

We only prepare orders on the days we're regularly open - Wednesday through Saturday. If you place an order any time from Saturday midday-ish onwards (and sometimes earlier if we have an event on) we won't get a chance to touch it until Wednesday. Our courier usually only picks up on weekdays too, so orders made after we've started processing on a Friday usually won't ship until the following Wednesday.

My Tracking Number isn't working (or I didn't receive one!)

Tracking Numbers are automatically generated when we print a shipping label - the tracking link itself won't update till the courier has scanned it into their system. Give it a day and if there's no update, reach out to us.

If your shipping confirmation doesn't contain a tracking number - double check what shipping option you selected; it's usually going to be because this is actually a notification telling you that your order is ready for in-store pickup! If you want it shipped instead, reach out and we'll bill you for the outstanding shipping.

Can you order a specific boardgame, expansion, Mini or gaming accessory for me?

We can certainly try! Send us a message via the Discord or the Contact Us page with information about what you're looking for, and we'll see if our suppliers can provide.

I received a notification about a refund, what happened?

Shopify is great at letting me tell you that something in your order has changed, but unfortunately not great at telling you what. With over 35k cards and hundreds of orders a week, sometimes we have inventory errors. Rather than holding up your order, if we can't fulfil a card we will remove it from the order and refund you for the missing item.

Can I come and play games at the store?

We love having people take part in casual play! Check out the Events Calendar for officially organised events, and if there's nothing on then the tables are available for casual play. If you want to guarantee your space, or make use of our game library you'll need to look at a Table Hire; contact us for more details/availability.

Why are most of the cards on your store "Lightly Played"?