About Us

Who are we?

Iron Knight Gaming is an independent hobby store based out of Rangiora, New Zealand; primarily focused on Magic: the Gathering products, but rapidly expanding into other Trading Card Games, Board Games, War Games and Roleplaying Games.


Our Mission

We endeavour to provide you with fantastic service and have every customer walking away with a smile on their face.


Our Team



- Paul: Owner -

Paul has been a fixture of the New Zealand Magic: the Gathering scene for well over a decade, and has been buying and selling collections throughout that time. A Level 2 Judge who has travelled the globe helping run Grands Prix & Magicfests for a variety of Premier Tournament Organisers, he has a passion for the joy that comes from a room filled with players all having a blast!

Favourite Magic the Gathering Formats: Limited and Legacy; not having to keep up with new cards and an ever-changing meta is a godsend!



 - Cardbot: "Wolf" -

If Paul is the brains behind this operation, then Wolf is the brawn. A relatively new addition to the team, his lack of required coffee breaks lets him power through the day. And yes, before you ask - the hat isn't just stylish, it's effective too!

Favourite Magic the Gathering Formats: Mirrodin and Kaladesh Limited, for obvious reasons