"Paint With Me" Episode 7

"Paint With Me" Episode 7

We're still going! This blog post is progress from... several months. I'm not going to lie - I found the motivation required for the numbers of minis here to be a lot harder to come by!

Here's our standard zenithal White Scar over Chaos Black

Next up was Flesh Tearer's Red for the musculature/fleshy bits. I think it was at this point that I realised doing the red first probably wasn't the best idea - it means I have to be very precise because the colour I've chosen for the chitin/bone doesn't cover it well. The next colour being... 

Briar Queen Chill!

I picked this simply because I thought it would be super contrasting to both the Flesh Tearer's Red, and wasn't like anything I'd used on the Space Marines.

I was generally happy with how the scheme looked overall, but after getting the 20 Termagants and 3 Ripper Swarms done... my will to continue had become seriously depleted

They sat here for a long time, until I decided to whip up the Necron Combat patrol in an evening (hah!) and... well, that's a story for another time.

Freshly reinvigorated, I jumped onto the Von Ryan's Leapers, and realised that what was missing was the finishing touches - white for the teeth & eyes, purple for tongues and tentacles etc, oh and a little bit of "liquid talent".

TARGOR RAGESHADE! Applied liberally, my models suddenly gained the depth and texture that they were previously lacking. (You can see the difference here - the furthest right termagant is pre-shade).

So now the Combat Patrol is most of the way done; there's the Psychophage, Barbgaunts and basing to go. But... we have something else on the horizon... rather than scuttling claws, or robotic creaks I can hear many ordered boots. Boots of men. Men with flashlights (and some very large guns!)

Several of us are attempting a "combat patrol in a month" challenge... so I decided to go with something different yet again! Once these staunch defenders of humanity and the Vardenghast Swarm are all finished up, the store will have 4x Combat Patrols for anyone who would like to take a swing at Warhammer 40,000!

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